To be, to have, to go, to come, to do, to make, to want, to need, to get, to lose, to give, to take, to watch, to listen, to see, to hear, to play, to_work, to live, to die, to rise, to fall, to win, to fail, to love, to like, to hate, to remember, to forget, to buy, to sell, to toast, to tell, to know, to think, to use, to seem, to leave, to arrive, to_try, to_call, to push, to pull, to believe, to trust, to send, to receive, to carry, to drop, can, may, shall, will, to run, to walk, to stop, to move, to open, to close, to_borrow, to lend, to break, to fix, to_land, to_begin, to finish, to start, to end, to sit, to stand, to cut, to sew, to read, to write, to bleed, to hold, to stay, to speak, to sleep, to happen, to help, to keep, to put, to turn, to wait, to_pay, to_earn, to_follow, to_lead, to spend, to save, to decide, to suggest, to meet, to fly, to promise, to study, to learn, to conjugate